Which insurer is most likely to cover your emergency car insurance?

  • September 27, 2021

The biggest insurer in Spain is also the best for the car rental industry.

The Catalan state-owned insurer Estrella has been named the most likely insurance provider for auto insurance in Spain and Italy, according to a study by insurer Futures Group.

The insurer is also ranked second in France, third in Spain, fourth in Italy, fifth in Germany, and sixth in Germany and France.

The research shows that Estrella is more likely to pay for the first three years of a car rental than the average car insurance company.

This means the insurer is much more likely than its competitors to cover the first year of a rental and the remaining three years.

According to Futures, Estrella covers almost 80% of the cars in the Spanish car rental market, and 70% of those in Italy and Germany.

“This is not surprising, as the insurer covers the whole car rental sector,” Futures chief analyst Jens Sängers said.

“There are many reasons why it is chosen, such as its reputation as a ‘safe and reliable’ company, its low premium and its extensive insurance coverage.

It is a good company for the long-term.”