Which players will get the new WildStar patch?

  • September 27, 2021

WildStar’s Patch 5.4.2 introduces a new set of changes that are intended to further improve the game and its systems, including: • A new way to access the game’s economy and other content through the new Market.

This is where players can buy and sell items and services that are not available in-game, such as rare items, rare mounts, rare weapons, and rare crafting materials.

• The ability to purchase and sell armor sets, which are items that increase armor values.

• New mounts: the Wawanesai and the Zodiac, and a new mount: the Shuriken, which has a new graphical appearance.

• A number of new quests and events.

• Many other bug fixes and tweaks.

The new patch also introduces a number of improvements to the game, such that it can be downloaded from the game store.

The new patch, as well as other patch releases, will be available through the launch of the game on March 18th.