Which state offers the best insurance coverage?

  • September 5, 2021

The top-rated health insurance plan in Missouri, Primeraica Life Insurance, says it’s the best in the country.

It says Missouri’s health insurance marketplace has been “the safest and most reliable for millions of Missourians, with the lowest rate of premium increases.”

But PrimeraICA says its competitors are not offering the best coverage, including aarp and Humana. 

“PrimeraICA does not claim to be the best plan in the state, nor does PrimeraACloud claim to offer the best policy,” said company spokeswoman Molly Miller in a statement.

“PrimeraACLoud offers a range of comprehensive health insurance options for Missourians to choose from.

This includes a broad range of policies from private insurers, state-run programs, and individual plans from many different insurers.”

The Missouri insurance exchange is also the best option for people who don’t have health insurance and are sick.

The state is one of 14 in the nation with more than 4 million people who do not have health coverage. 

Primeraica says it has offered a range at prices that are competitive with the best options from private health insurers. 

AARP said it’s a good choice for people with pre-existing conditions. 

The group is a member of the Missouri Association of Insurance Commissioners. 

More from the Associated Press: President Donald Trump said Monday that he would sign an executive order that would allow insurers to sell their policies in states that allow the practice.

That order is a key element of a bill passed in the House last week that would eliminate the Obama-era rule that prevents insurers from discriminating against people with preexisting conditions.

The president has said he would not sign that bill into law, but he said in an interview with CBS on Sunday that he could sign the order. 

Republican lawmakers said the GOP-controlled Congress should repeal the Obama rules, and a White House official said the president is open to it. 

If the Senate does not act, it would send the matter back to the House for a final vote.