How to save more money at Costco

  • July 21, 2021

Costco is offering a new perk for employees, with a new loyalty program that lets them buy a $20 loyalty card.

Costco has long had an offer that let employees earn points and points pay for certain products.

The new program, called Costco Prime, gives employees a chance to earn points for paying for goods and services at Costco.

Employees can earn Costco Prime points through a Costco loyalty card that can be redeemed for a new Costco loyalty reward card.

Employees will earn points that can then be used toward other Costco products.

Employee cards can be used for items ranging from new merchandise to a Costco gift card, Costco’s website said.

Costco Prime will be available at select locations starting in March.

The new program is part of Costco’s effort to attract new customers and is part a broader expansion of the company’s efforts to bring more Costco-branded products to stores.

It comes as Costco expands its grocery business, expanding its grocery store in Chicago and its home delivery service in Seattle.