When is it time to get your policy approved?

  • December 1, 2021

A year after it was launched, and only two months after the government launched its first premium insurance scheme, the Airtel SmartRide Smart Cover has been cleared by the government.

With the government now set to launch a second premium insurance policy, the time is now ripe to get the product off the ground.

The move comes as the government is preparing to announce a Rs 5,000-crore subsidy package to cover the first batch of the policy, with the subsidy amount to be rolled out in the coming months.

Airtel’s SmartRides cover is the first insurance product in India to be launched on the National Mobile Payments (NMPA) platform.

The product will be available in cities where the mobile network operator is providing a service to provide internet connectivity and data, which will include Mumbai and Delhi.

The plan will be offered for Rs 1,200 for the first year and Rs 1.2 lakh for the second year.

Airtels SmartRiders are meant to cover up to a monthly of Rs 5500 and will cost Rs 1 lakh per month, depending on the size of the coverage area.

In a statement, the company said that it is not aware of any data roaming charges on AirtEL SmartRIDES.

“It is a smart cover with two levels of protection for mobile users.

In addition to the two coverage levels, it includes the ability to provide data roaming with Airtela.

For this, the coverage cost is Rs 1M per month.

The data roaming option will be made available from the second billing cycle,” the statement said.

In the first six months of the launch, Airtleel said that the coverage was only available in urban areas where it was offering its internet connectivity service.

In the first three months, the service was available only in Delhi.

In July, the telecom regulator had said that Airteleas data roaming is free.

“Airtels data roaming will be free in urban and rural areas from 1 October 2018.

We will also offer data roaming at subsidised rates to all customers,” it said.”

The launch of Airtles new insurance product is a huge win for our users and customers in rural India,” said Anand Kumar, vice-president of marketing and communications at Airtellees group.

“This is a great opportunity to launch new product which will help customers and their families access affordable mobile broadband services at competitive prices.”